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03rd-21th November 2019

you can participate on 1, 2, or 3 week long section

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Offshore ocean sailing - Atlantic adventure!

Gibraltar, Madeira & Canary islands on one trip!

The second part of this trip, from Gibraltar to Madeira, is a real ocean offshore sailing experience. Is good to be part of an adventure that all your friends will envy you for!

This section too, does not require any sailing skills from you, what's important, is to be a good team member. That part will be 5-6 days of sailing, with day and night shifts. On the night shifst you'll have time to enjoy the stars too, in a way that is only possible to see on the ocean, far from any shores.



Mallorca-Canary Islands - sailing itinerary


1st section Mallorca - Gibraltar, 03rd - 09th of November

Short get to know with Palma de Mallorca, then around 500 nm (nautic mile 1.852 km) sailing to Gibraltar, possible stops during this trip are, Ibiza, Formentera, eventually any other city on the way. All of this depending on the weather, progress, and the wishes of the crew members.

2nd section Gibraltar - Madeira, 09th - 15th of November

ca 610 nm, depending on the weather 5-6 days sailing day and night, with watchgurading in shifts. But in order to have more than just sailing, first we visit and take a look at Gibraltar, and at the end of the trip Funchal.

3rd section Madeira - Canary islands, 15th - 21th of November

After having a look around in Funchal, ca 280 nm, around 3 days of sailing, then we'll have time to visit many islands in the Canary archipellago.

At the section change

on 9th, and 15th the forenoon still belongs to the passangers from previous section, in the afternoons the passangers starting the next section can have the boat. For the last section we have to arrive at the marina on 21th evening, but only next day we have to leave the boat, on 22nd morning.





Gran Canaria


Main attraction the sandstone La Seu Cathedral, which had a religious and secular function at the same time, was protecting the city from the pirate cannon attacks, the construction started on 1306. The Palace Almudaina (Palau de l'Almudaina), directly located opposite the main facade of Palma´s Cathedral. The Bellver-castle (Castell de Bellver), from 14th century – originally an impressive royal fortress, then summer residency, later royal prison. 137 meters above sea level, having a beautiful view over the entire city. Castell de Bellver got its name from the Catalan 'lovely view'.


1 week section/person
700 EUR

Booking by email or phone:


Telefon +36 30 183 8380


BAVARIA 46, DUFOUR 46 sailboat

Depending on availability, we can choose from two types of boats. The comfort level and equipment are similar for both ships. The boats have 4 double cabins, several toilets and showers.


Bavaria 46 Cruiser

Dufour 46 Grand Large

Bavaria 46 Cruiser

  • 4 two person cabins
  • 3 wc-showers
  • fully equiped kitchen



The starting point of each section is accessible by low cost flights. Aside from Bravofly, and other centralized search engines, it is worth checking out the low-cost website for cheap deals. To Spain is often the cheapest to go with Vueling, but the Wizzair has also cheap deals. If you find cheaper ones you can share it with us and we will publish it.

Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca, La Lonja Marina Charter, the harbor is located in the city center. From the airport taking the bus 1, is approx. 50 minutes.

Gibraltar - La línea de la Concepción (the city on the Spanish side of the border), Alcaidesa Marina, the harbor is located in the city center. From the airport you have to walk across the border to the Spanish side and after a few hundred meters to the left you can reach the port.

Madeira - Funchal, Marina do Funchal, the harbor is located in the city center. The airport can be reached by Aerobus, but it's worth checking out, as in Budapest, it is much cheaper with bus 56, both of which take approx. 50 minutes.

Gran Canaria - Pasito Blanco, Puerto Deportivo - Pasito Blanco, the harbor is located in the city center. With the bus 1 takes about 1.5 hours to reach the airport.



1 week section 700 EUR/person
2 week sections 1000 EUR/person
3 week sections 1300 EUR/person


  • One seat on the boat in a double cabin
  • The captain's fee
  • Dinghy with an motor
  • The deposit for the sailboat is provided by the captain
  • Sheets, pillows & blankets
  • The final cleaning fee
  • Ship fuel costs
  • Port charges
  • in fact, all the costs associated with the boat


  • The cost of getting there and traveling home
  • Travel insurance
  • Meal on board or on shore
  • Land-based programs, entry fees

Payment deadlines

  • Part I - 50% upon booking, the arrival of the amount in our account or the payment in cash means the booking is made. From then, you have a safe place on the boat.
  • Part II - 50% five weeks prior to departure (03/11/2019)


If you have any questions beyond this, feel free to contact me, either by email or phone.

Is the trip dangerous

There is a risk to all of this, but I feel it safer than the everyday's life. During navigation we are prepared against hazards, with instruments (radar, AIS), tools (storm sail, safety harness), and nautical knowledge. You can be hit in your head by a brick as you walk down the sidewalk or ... but I better to not list my crazy ideas. :) The point is, you can't prepare for all the dangers, or prevent them, while we are sailing. The other thing is that you can try it now safely because I will be with you, I've already sailed across the Atlantic, and the ocean is a friend of mine ;)


Not everyone has this problem, and not always. You can counteract it with food, drink non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks. To say the least, drinking Cola in a small sip and doing it is definitely good. The Chinese are chewing ginger. You can buy an acupressure bracelet. The earplug is also effective. And you can take medicine in Daedal, Stuger. I didn't really had seasickness yet, I've got something on Atlantic once, but I got a medication patch behind my ear, which works for three days, and then passed away, after which I didn't needed another patch.

Cancellation, refund of advance payment

Because when we book a ship, we also have to pay an advance, which we do not get back in case of cancellation, so we can only give you back in two cases: if you bring another passenger instead of you, alternatively, if we manage to fully recharge the ship's empty place with a passanger. If you want to be sure, you can buy cancellation insurance at the Mondial insurance for example.


When we are out on the sea for several days, we usually do shopping before departure and cook in the fully equipped kitchen of the ship. Of course, if somebody wants to have something for themselves, that can be done. It is also possible to discuss if someone is vegetarian, vegan, gluten or lactose sensitive. If we dock, we can cook or choose the delicacies of the restaurants.

What can a "weak" woman do on board?

Everything that men can do, because there is no weak woman, they are often stronger than men, even if not physically. ;) And anyway, sailboats are designed in a way that you don't have to use much power to handle them.

Can I go with a child?

Ofcourse. We had a five-year-old kid with us on our Atlantic crossing, and he was safe all along.

We reserve the right to make changes to the information on this site.

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